Hipster Flight Attendant

Would it kill you to get some relevant boarding music?

May 12

The lower I button my shirt the more compliant the passengers are

My tits look great today.

May 6

If they rename it ALTlanta maybe it would be a more relevant city.
Just a thought.

San Diego

Just saw a non Asian 60ish year old
Man wearing a kimono in little Italy. Worried he might be too fuxking alt for his own good. Probably the most ironic hipster in the world because he doesn’t even know his own alt-ness.

Feeling like a failure. I can never live up to that greatness.

Apr 21
Reinventing myself brb

Reinventing myself brb

Supporting my local indie scenes by buying records I have no means of playing. Probably going to display them as alternative wall art.

Apr 4

Dear Lmstrm

I started not being into it when he started sending me texts like “hay sexay wut r u up 2?”

Mar 31

Just brought all these spring break kids back from Cancun. Wonder what it feels like to be “so fuxking mnstrm” you go to spring break at some resort town with MTV cameras. Wonder if it’s okay to spend all your parents money / trust fund on booze. Wonder if these kids regret not doing alternative spring break / habitat for humanities?

Mar 29

I gave up pilots for lent.

Mar 28

Should I pull a JetBlue?

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